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  • AppPoolIdentity and SQL Server

    Tags: MSSQL, permissions, app pool, IIS

    You've published your website and it can't talk to your database because it's not you any more, it's now running as the AppPoolIdentity. You could set it to run as you but that's far too much … more

  • IIS7 and IIS8 - Pretty Directory Listings

    Tags: IIS

    I had a need to put together a directory browser, and IIS7 and 8 provide the old standard looking listing (I think it's been the same since IIS 3 on NT).

    I looked around and found Mike Volodarsky … more

  • AD-Integrated FTP Sites aren't writeable

    Tags: IIS, Windows Server

    ...but they can be.

    By default, all FTP Sites within IIS are read-only sites. If you want someone to be able to upload files, you just tick the Write box on the Home Directory tab, and you're set. … more