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  • Win2012 - Storage Spaces: Rebuild == Gone?

    Tags: Windows Server

    No, don't fret - it just LOOKS like they're not there any more. By default Windows Server sets any storage space drives to manual attachment mode rather than auto-attach mode. To fix it we need … more

  • Why are AV Receivers so Dumb?

    Tags: Corporate Stupidity

    Pre-emptive Note: If you're a manufacturer, and you want to use this idea (or it inspires you to do something better) - you have full and free reign to use this idea. Go forth and improve things! … more

  • Windows 2012 - Unidentified Network at Boot

    Tags: Windows Server

    This is a quick and easy fix. If, like many admins, you configure your server with a redundant network connection (colloquially a "team"); and if you have configured even servers to have a firewall ( … more