Windows 2012 - Unidentified Network at Boot

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This is a quick and easy fix. If, like many admins, you configure your server with a redundant network connection (colloquially a "team"); and if you have configured even servers to have a firewall (even if only for the Public zone); and if you choose to use Windows 2012 inbuilt teaming (which is a great idea - no more quirky drivers, stupid apps, poor UI); and if you create the host team as LACP, you'll probably run into this one.

You do a nice controlled reboot, and ... your server never comes back. Well it does; you can use the iLO or DRAC or whatever IBM call their cards nowadays, and the console's just fine, but the network is showing as Unidentified network.

Which is pretty annoying considering the network is working just fine and you can ping the domain controller. By name. So what's wrong with the silly thing this time?

Service timing. Specifically, the network location and hence firewall zone is being detected prior to the team coming online. You can confirm that for yourself simply by restarting the Network Location Awareness service, which will also restart the Network List Service service:

And that should give you a hint about how to resolve it - change the startup type for the Network Location Awareness service to "Automatic (Delayed Start)":

Or for the command line junkies (or as part of your scripted build process):

sc config NlaSvc start= delayed-auto

This workaround shouldn't be needed forever, as it seems likely that this bug will be squashed in the first Service Pack.

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