Windows Mobile 6.1 and Australian DST

Tags: Windows Mobile

I have an HTC Touch Pro. Runs Windows Mobile 6.1 - and I'm really happy with the device. Unfortunately WinMo 6 timezone definitions do not include the right settings for Australia - we changed the start dates and end dates a while back.

I couldn't find a suitable download from Microsoft to fix the timezones, but I did find a TimeZone Editor on MobilitySite. If you're a Firefox user you'll need to allow scripting to be able to download the ZIP file (I've also attached it below - it is not my work but that of "Galina" in New Zealand).

Five steps required:

  1. Run the application (extract it to your storage card or \Program Files or similar)
  2. Action --> Get Current
  3. Change the start and end date rules (not intuitive). I think "5 Sunday" means last Sunday of the month
  4. Action --> Set Current
  5. Restart the phone.

That last one was the most annoying - I spent ages trying to figure out why the change had not worked.

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