Stuff that didn't quite make the bit bucket

  • Spring has sprung, almost

    It's that time of year again. Winter has lost its bite and we have to plant out or prune everything that hasn't already been put in the ground or cut back for the new growing season.

    This is a bit … more

  • Using SQL Anywhere (or any ODBC source) with dotnet Core

    ODBC is back.

    It was gone from dotnetcore because the brief is multi-platform, and ODBC is a Windows thing.

    But it seems that now it's also a Unix thing. More than that, apparently it's the … more

  • Up with plant food and down with fruit flies

    Tags: fruit fly, gardening

    If you look at photos in earlier posts, what I thought to be a lime or a lemon has turned out to be a mandarine. It had yellowish-green foliage that wasn't corrected by superphosphate. Next I tried … more

  • How to prevent Windows 10 driver updates

    Start the Group Policy Editor. If you don't know how to do that you probably shouldn't fiddle with it.

    Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Windows Update … more

  • EF Core scaffolding

    Tags: EF Core

    There's no EDMX designer support for EF Core. Code first is possible but why would you doodle about like that when the database almost certainly already exists, and even if it doesn't SQL Management … more

  • MCU continuity glitch

    In Thor: The Dark World, we learn that Odin's father Bor led the armies of Asgard to defeat the Frost Giants in Norway because it was his dominion as part of the Nine Realms. Then in Thor: Ragnarok … more

  • Spring 2017

       Two years ago my grapefruit tree produced two fruit that looked very appetising but were almost solid rind. Some quality time with Bing revealed two important factoids:

    Super thick rind is a … more